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Original Air Date: Mar 22, 2021

iPhone Shortcuts App

One of the tools that make productivity programs like spreadsheets so powerful is the ability to record repetitive steps and save them as what is known as a macro.

Power users of Microsoft Office are very familiar with the incredible efficiency that macros provide for things that are done regularly.

If you love macros and have an iPhone or iPad, you can do something similar by using an app called Workflow:

The app allows you to combine tasks that would normally be done manually across multiple apps and record them for future use.

Searching Google Maps for specific menu items from specific restaurants that you like as you travel to new cities is just one small example.

You can create your own workflows or borrow from others that have created and shared their ideas, so the power of the app is instantaneous.

Give it a try today by downloading the app from the Apple App Store (now called Shortcuts):