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Original Air Date: Mar 23, 2021

'Disconnect' Online Tracking

It’s no secret that tracking everyone online is a big business and it’s done by virtually everyone you interact with on the Internet.

It may seem like we don’t have any choice in the matter, but there’s actually a lot that you can do to manage just how much of what you do gets tracked.

One of the easiest to use options is called ‘Disconnect’ because it’s a free browser add-on that works in real-time while you surf and search.

They offer their plugin for all the major browsers, so it will work right in the tool you’re already using.

The moment you activate it, your location is no longer trackable as all your requests start to come from the Disconnect servers.

It’s an eye-opening experience to see all the hidden tracking systems that accompany virtually every web page you visit when you start using this tool.

You can now control who gets what information about your Internet usage every time you get online by using Disconnect!: