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Original Air Date: Mar 26, 2021

Free Browser Tab Management Tool

Few things are as frustrating as a slow Internet experience, but it could be your behavior that is to blame.

Ever since the browser world adopted tabbed browsing, lots of people have slowed their surfing way down.

It’s no doubt an incredibly convenient feature, but when you get carried away, your computer’s performance will suffer.

The reason for this is that each tab you create uses up a chunk of the working memory which is limited no matter how expensive your computer may be.

So the first thing you can do is minimize the number of new tabs you open unless you really need them.

As soon as you are finished with any tab, get in the habit of closing it right away.

Because it takes RAM to fuel all your browser tabs, everything you try to run on your computer will suffer, not just your web browsing.

Another option for those that do need to have quick access to lots of tabs is a free add-on called OneTab:

It’s a quick install and easy to use, so freeing up working memory no longer requires you to restart your computer.

The great part of this utility is that it appears that the info you want to quickly access is loaded and using memory, but it’s not.