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Original Air Date: Apr 2, 2021

Smartphone Line of Sight Holders

For most drivers, the smartphone has become the go-to device for music, podcasts and navigation while in your vehicle.

Positioning your phone within your line of sight in your vehicle is incredibly important as distracted driving has become a serious problem.

I’ve tried just about every form of holder for my smartphone including suction cups, cup-holders, adhesives and magnets, but the most useful form of holder that I’ve found leverages the thin blades of your air vents.

The Airframe from a company called Kenu provides you with multiple options for mounting your phone on any of the air vents in your dash.

They have various models that are designed to work with just about any type or size of smartphone even if you’re using a large case.

The only time that this approach becomes a problem is in cold weather when your vents are blowing out hot air.

If you haven’t found the right solution for your car just yet, take a look at the options at Kenu’s website: