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Original Air Date: Apr 15, 2021

Excellent Website Monitoring Tool

An essential component of doing business these days is having a website, but it’s only effective if it’s available.

Ensuring that your window to the world is up and running is the focus of this tip.

If you own or are in charge of any website, there’s a free tool available that will automatically monitor your site called “Up Time Robot” you should know about.

It checks your site every five minutes and only sends you an email when it can’t access it, which generally means that it’s down for the entire world.

If you operate more than one website, there’s still no charge as you can monitor up to 50 sites with a free account.

Since there are so many possibilities that would suddenly make your website inaccessible, it’s best to know as soon as there is a problem so you can address it.

This resource only takes a minute or two to get setup, so if you don’t already have something that monitors your website, get that extra layer of comfort at