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Original Air Date: Apr 22, 2021

Critical Security Step - 2FA

I always stress that one of the most important steps anyone can take to protect their online accounts is 2-factor authentication (2FA).

It’s a way of securing your accounts by typing your phone number into their security process.

It’s something you’ve been doing for as long as you’ve had a debit card because the two factors are the card itself and the PIN that you set up for the card.

To illustrate the dangers of having online accounts that are protected with 2FA, imagine having a debit card that didn’t require the person that was in possession of it to also provide the PIN. Easy money!

Think about how difficult it becomes when someone has to steal both your credentials and your smartphone to break into your accounts.

Another great feature of this security setup is that you’ll know when someone has stolen your password because you’ll get a security code from out of the blue for the compromised account on your smartphone, but the bad guys won’t be able to get in.

It’s something that virtually every one of your important accounts offers, so search their help or support resources for the instructions or check out this list of popular sites from Pc Mag: