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Original Air Date: Apr 23, 2021

50,000 Recipes on Your Phone

‘What’s for dinner?’ is a question every one of us deals with every single day and when you don’t have any new ideas, you’ll tend to default to your usual list of options.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an easy way to be inspired to try something new?

If so, we’d recommend that you take an app called Dinner Spinner for a spin.

It was created by the folks that run the popular website that starts with a specific ingredient or ingredients that you have on hand.

You then tell it the amount of time you’re willing to spend making the dish and give it a spin.

When I’ve tested the app, I found that it provided a large number of options that I would never have thought of making.

And just like with lots of other websites, it includes other recipes that you may have an interest in when you select any of them.

When you’re completely open to anything, you can shake your smartphone with the app open to get a bunch of random recipes.

If there are specific ingredients that you can’t eat, adding them to the filter will ensure that you don’t get recipes you can’t eat.

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