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Original Air Date: May 3, 2021

Awesome Site For Bookworms

As much as tech has changed the way we read, anyone that grew up reading physical books knows the joy of holding it in your hand while reading.

If you love to read but want help finding new titles to read, especially from those that have a similar taste in topics, today’s tip is for you.

A website called has created an option to all of the algorithmic sites that make suggestions depending upon what you have already read.

They certainly use that approach to making suggestions, but they also want to help you create a network of like-minded readers to make human-based suggestions for new books.

We’ve come a long way from browsing the shelves of your local book store to find new authors and topics that we enjoy.

The best use of this platform is for those that create their own book club with a number of friends that also love to read.

The bottom line on this web resource is that it’s specifically designed to help bookworms find other bookworms and books in a more efficient way: