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Original Air Date: May 26, 2021

Passwords Management Made Easy

The only thing separating your personal information and accounts from a hacker is your password, which is why you must use a unique password on every account.

To help you manage all those unique passwords, you can’t rely on your memory - you must use some form of password manager.

There are lots of software options that are low-cost or even free, but some users are just too intimidated to use them.

If that sounds like you, there’s a simple alternative that anyone can manage and that is to simply write them down.

I don’t mean to use sticky notes on your screen, but some form of secure documentation on your laptop or phone.

An additional security tip is to add some form of trickery, such as adding a couple of random characters that don’t mean anything at the beginning or end.

That will help protect them in the event someone discovers the document, which should never include 'password' on the file name when you save it.

If you use the same password everywhere, any compromise of any of those sites exposes all of them, so find a password management system that works for you.