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Original Air Date: Jul 22, 2021

Scientific Happiness Tracking App

It goes without saying that we all want to be happy, but how often do you actually focus on your happiness?

If you said rarely, there’s an app that could be helpful in actually tracking your happiness.

The Track Your Happiness app was specifically created to help you figure out what actually makes you happy.

By tracking your state of mind, the app can learn the variables in your life that lead to being happier.

The process is driven by pop-up questions that ask you how you’re feeling at that moment so it can track the variables.

Over time, it can provide some guidance to help you understand and focus on your mental health on a regular basis.

Collectively, the data generated by the app helps the researchers that created it to better understand happiness as a whole.

Whether it actually has an impact or not, the mere fact that you’ll suddenly be focusing on your happiness has its appeal.

For the iPhone app, go to 
There isn’t an Android app yet, but their web interface works just as well: