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Original Air Date: Aug 10, 2021

Advance Math App for Parents

Unless your line of work involves complex mathematics, it's quite likely that your child will bring homework to your attention that will challenge your math skills.

The critical part of solving a math problem isn't getting the answer as much as it is about making sure your student understands how it's solved.

A tool that I've suggest to parents for years to help in this situation is called PhotoMath.

It uses your smartphone's camera to view a math equation and then it shows you how it solved it, step by step.

It's a tool parents can use to help when their child asks them for help on higher level math problems.

It may seem like an easy way for them to cheat, but that's more of a question of their approach to learning as many options exist for them to do so if they're motivated in that way.

It's a parenting tool that takes advantage of all the trappings of the digital age - learn more at: