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Original Air Date: Aug 9, 2021

Android Call Recording App

Someone asked for an app recommendation so they could record phone conversations on their Android smartphone because they were interested in generating training files for their company.

While this seems like a perfectly normal thing to want to do, I started by warning them that in some states, recording a phone conversation without the consent of all parties on the call could get them into legal trouble.

With this in mind, my first suggestion was to have them check with the state or states that could dictate whether they should be doing this or not.

For those in states that allow call recordings without dual consent, of the various apps that I've tried, one called ‘Call Recorder’ seems to get the job done..

The app, once installed and opened, creates a red dot that floats over the screen when in the phone app which is how you start and stop a recording.

The app will document the time, date, length and the caller ID of the call and generate a file that can be easily shared.

This app has kind of a generic name, so if you're interested in testing it out, here's where to go: