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Original Air Date: Sep 1, 2021

Three Word Navigation App

We’ve become pretty dependent on our mobile devices when it comes to getting directions to a specific location.

They’re pretty awesome until you’re in a situation where there is no address, such as out in the wilderness or at a large outdoor gathering.

The accuracy when you drop a pinpoint on a map isn’t very reliable and can lead to great disparity when you’re trying to get everyone to the same point.

An interesting solution to this problem has been developed by an outfit that calls itself "What Three Words".

Instead of using confusing numbers associated with longitude and latitude, they’ve created a global grid system that’s based on three unique words which each represent a specific 3x3 meter square space on the planet.

If both parties are using the What3Words app, you simply provide the three words associated with the location that you want to meet at.

It’s an interesting option for those that need this type of accuracy: