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Original Air Date: Oct 17, 2013


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Tracking your online behavior and search requests is big business on the Internet these days and by default it’s easy for this to happen.

Online privacy is become more of an issue for a lot of you so tools that allow you to understand or block what’s being tracked are becoming more popular.

One of these tools is called Disconnect and if gives you an easy way to manage your online privacy when it comes to browsing and searching the Internet.

Disconnect is a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera and it’s a pay-what-you-want project for those that want to support online privacy and security efforts.

Once you install the extension, your online activities are masked because it looks like your requests are coming from the Disconnect servers, not your personal computer.

Disconnect will also show you all of the invisible requests that are being made and make sure you are using encrypted connections when you do share your data.

So, if you want an easy to way to control who can see your personal surfing habits, checkout the disconnect tool today!