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Original Air Date: Oct 11, 2021

Unique iPhone GPS App

Nature lovers tend to seek out the path less traveled so they can commune with their surroundings in solitude, which means they’ll need a solid way to navigate the wilderness.

Google Maps and other navigation apps can be helpful, but most of them require you to think about things well before you hit the trail, such as downloading the information that won’t be available when there’s no signal.

If you’re an iPhone toting nature lover, check out an app called Anchor Pointer that’s a big help.

This app allows you to drop ‘anchors’ along the way, so it can easily bring you back later.

You can set the anchors well in advance or use it to mark where you parked your car.

You’ll get details info on the distance to each of the anchor points so you won’t have to guess how much longer it will take to get there.

It can also work with other iPhone users, so it’s awesome for groups as well.

Get the details at: