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Original Air Date: Oct 22, 2013

Travel Diaries made easy

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When you travel to a new city or country, our smartphones can be invaluable for keeping track of where you went and when.

But you have to remember to pull your smartphone out and check in or take notes while you are trying enjoy those new destinations, so lots of details of your trip can fall through the cracks.

If you want an easier way to trace your footsteps but don’t want the distraction of constantly pulling out your iPhone, checkout an app called Rove.

Rove automatically and privately detects where you went and what you did, so you can leave your smartphone in your pocket and enjoy what you’re doing.

Whether you want a travel journal or road trip tracker, the Rove app makes it simple to recall any detail of any trip you took.

And if you do use your phone to take a picture, it will include that in your timeline automatically so you don’t have to manually assemble the trip log when you get home.

The Rove app is free but only available for the iPhone at the moment.