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Original Air Date: Oct 21, 2013

Selling your iPhone photos

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If you have a smartphone and you think you take amazing pictures with it, did you know that you might be able to get paid for those awesome shots?

Fotolia, a web service that specializes in selling stock photos now has a simple app called Fotolia Instant that allows you to submit your works of art right from your phone.

Now, you’re not going to get rich selling your photos this way because they have to be really special to be of any value, but if you’re an aspiring paparazzi, why not take a stab at getting paid?

It’s pretty simple to become a contributor by downloading the app and creating a free account, but you may have to work at it to get your pictures accepted.

You’ll be competing with lots of other photo fanatics to become part of the Fotolia Instant Collection, but you don’t have to be a professional anymore to get paid.

For the time being, they only offer the app for iPhone users, but the Android version is scheduled to be released very soon.