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Original Air Date: Nov 17, 2021

Helpful 'Range' Search Operator

It’s hard to think about how we used to research just about anything before the Internet and Google’s powerful search engine.

The power of search has been elevated by something known as search operators, which further clarify what you want to find.

One pretty useful but relatively unknown one is the ‘range’ operator that allows you to ask for results within a specified numeric range.

This is done by simply placing two periods (..) between the numeric values that you specify.

Let’s say you’re searching for classic Chevy pickups from the mid sixties - by typing chevy trucks 1964..1967, both the search and image results would tend to hone in on those years.

An additional step you can take to help further refine range searches is to add formatting characters such as a dollar sign when you want to find items in a specific price range - ex:Flat Screen TVs $900..$1200