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Original Air Date: Nov 18, 2021

Before You Trade In Your Smartphone!

Our phones have become a central storage device for our precious memories and personal info, which is why they’re highly targeted by ID thieves.

Getting their hands on your phone, especially if its unlocked could allow them to take over all your accounts via email password reset requests in no time at all.

Make sure you’ve setup some form of unlock code, fingerprint or facial recognition so a stranger can’t just pick up your device and start using it.

Another thing to keep in mind this time of year is that if you’re going to trade-in or sell your old smartphone, there are a number of security steps you’ll want to take first.

Some Android device have extra memory cards, which need to either be removed or reformatted before you part with them.

The SIM card used to connect to your cell provider also needs to be removed and it’s critical to perform a factory reset, which will wipe out all your information, apps and data.