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Original Air Date: Nov 12, 2013

Small Demons

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Few things compare to getting lost in a good book that takes your mind on a magical trip around the
world or into deep space.

Often times something that’s mentioned in the book, like a location, a person, piece of music, an event or even an object can stir up your curiosity and that’s where a wonderful discovery website comes into play. is a website that allows you to explore just about anything that you read about in
your favorite book, including other books that used the same word, location or music.

Let’s say a minor historical character in the book sparks your interest; just go to and see if this character exists in other books.

Listen to the song that’s mentioned in the book and learn more about the musician, the era and other books that cover that period of time.

It’s a completely different way to discover new books, music, movies or lots of other things based on something you read in your book that will lead to some amazing treasures.