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Original Air Date: Nov 13, 2013


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A lot of the most popular iPhone apps these days are games, but most of them are mindless time killers.

Escaping for a few minutes by playing Angry Birds or Candy Crush can get addictive and end up wasting lots of time because they just keep you going.

If you’re looking for a more stimulating escape that at least has the chance to teach you something, checkout Quizup.

Quizup promotes itself as the biggest trivia game in the world with hundreds of topics and over 150,000 questions.

You can play against friends in real time or random trivia buffs from around the world in topics like Tv shows, books, movies, sports, music, art or even general knowledge quizzes like identifying logos.

It’s like your own personal on-demand version of Jeopardy that ends after a handful of questions, so you can get on with your life (or not)!

Quizup is only available for iPhone and iPad users at the moment, but they are working on the Android version if you want to be notified when its available.