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Original Air Date: Nov 29, 2013

Warranty Tracker for Android

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The holiday shopping season is upon us so here’s another Data Doctors organizational Tech Tip!

In any given year, you’re likely to accumulate a dozen or so warranties on various devices or appliances that you really should keep track of but probably won't.

Keeping track of your warranties can save you a lot of money and an Android app called Warranty Tracker makes it much easier to do.

The Warranty Tracker app allows you to scan items by barcode or take pictures of your receipts and enter the warranty deadline for each product

You can also set it up to send you a notification when that day is approaching in case you have any warranty issues.

If the product has a return deadline, you can also setup alerts for that too and your information gets stored in the cloud so even if you lose your phone, you’re covered.

Warranty Tracker can also track serial numbers, model numbers, and even rebate deadlines with their own set of notifications so you don’t forget to send that rebate in and miss out.

It’s only available for Android devices at the moment and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store…and best of all, it’s another free app!