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Original Air Date: Dec 2, 2013

Google Now

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Your smartphone stores just about everything that’s going on in your life, but it tends to be scattered around various apps that don’t talk to each other.

Google recognized this common issue and created something called Google Now that acts like an intelligent personal assistant on your smartphone.

Google Now integrates with Google Search and can pull meaningful information from e-mail, your location and the time of day to keep you on schedule.

From knowing the weather before you start your day, to planning the best route to avoid traffic, or getting an alert that your flight has been delayed, Google Now brings you the information you want without you having to ask for it.

It will know when you‘re at the airport and automatically bring up your electronic boarding pass while you’re standing line and alert you that your favorite artist is in concert next month.

Google Now works in the background so your information is automatically organized into simple cards that appear just when they’re needed.

Google Now works on both Apple and Android smartphones and it really does help you can spend less time digging for information and more time going about your business.