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Original Air Date: Dec 20, 2013


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In one way or another, we all have our Bucket List of things we want to do before we die.

One website called BucketListly is an online bucket list community that wants to be your source of inspiration and give you a chance to leave a mark on this world.

Bucketlistly wants to help everyone unlock achievements in real life and inspire others to do the same through there interactive community.

You start by creating your online bucket list by posting all the goals you want to unlock in real life. This allows you to start a discussion or get advice, tips and tricks from those that have been able to achieve your bucket list items.

You can also connect with others that share a common goal to encourage each other to make it happen.

Whether you want to learn how to surf, trek the Himalayas or meet the Dalai Lama, there are members of the BucketListly community that have been there, done that and willing to share how they pulled it off!

Remember, "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.".