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Original Air Date: Dec 23, 2013

The Underutilized space bar

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Today’s tip is designed to put a lot of space in your head

Those of us that live and breathe technology every day, often take for granted that everyone knows the basic shortcuts that are available on our various devices.

But once in a while someone will see us do something and remind us that these shortcuts aren’t as well known as we think

Take the space bar on your computer and your smartphone for instance. They do a lot more than just add a space between characters when you’re typing.

The next time you’re surfing the Internet on your computer and you need to scroll down the page, don’t reach for your mouse!

Just tap the space bar and it’ll jump down exactly one screen page. If you want to scroll back up, just hold the shift key, then tap the space bar again and voila!

When you’re typing things on your smartphone and need to end a sentence, just tap the space bar twice. It’s so much faster than switching over to the symbols keyboard then switching back to continue typing!