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Original Air Date: Dec 24, 2013

Holiday Picture Taking

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As we gather with family and friends during the holiday season, we all pull out our smartphones to capture those special moments.

But many times, what looks decent on our little phone screens looks blurry and washed when we get to see the image in full size.

The two most common mistakes we see are not holding still long enough and not taking light sources into consideration.

The sophistication of the camera on a smartphone isn’t even close to the cheapest point and shoot camera, so you have to be smarter when snapping pics on your smartphone.

First tip: HOLD STILL LONGER…the shutter lag on smartphones is longer than most digital cameras. If you need help understanding when the picture is actually being taken, turn the shutter sound on your camera app.

The second tip: Pay attention to where the light is coming from. Smartphone camera lenses are pretty bad when it comes to dealing with too much or not enough light.

Don’t line people up in front of a window, turn around and have the window to your back so the natural light makes the shot better.