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Original Air Date: Jan 7, 2013

CES Android Cameras

It’s part Android phone, part digital camera... not the other way around.

It’s time to Listen, Laugh and Learn with this Data Doctors Consumer Electronics Show Tech Tip.

As the new year is underway, you are going to see some pretty cool electronic devices.

These days, everyone takes pictures with their smart phones, but what about taking a picture with your camera that also happens to be a smart phone?

These cameras start at $300 bucks and go up to about $550. Because they are cameras first and a phone second, they have actual camera sensors, a true flash and zoom lenses that are optical and not only digital.

They have the memory cards and batteries of a digital camera, which makes offloading images and recharging a breeze.

But, because they are also an Android phone, you can run all of your favorite app and games on them. You can even upload images directly from the camera.

A camera that's a phone? Novel idea right? But there's a big problem with android cameras. The image quality sucks, as does the battery life.

Our advice to you… let these devices cook a bit longer. Perhaps Android Camera 2.0 will be better.