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Original Air Date: Jan 8, 2013

CES Bluetooth Speakers

We all have laptops, tablets, smart phones… The list is endless.

Everyone of these devices comes loaded with our music, movies and everything we need to entertain us.

Small screens with high-resolution graphics are great, but the sound… Not so much.

It’s time to Listen, Laugh and Learn with this Data Doctors Consumer Electronics Show Tech Tip.

2013 looks to be the year of the Bluetooth speaker, and we think it's about time.

The biggest drawback to watching digital content on your mobile device is the sound. You have these beautiful high-resolution movies and games but the sound is that of a tin can.

If you're ready to ditch the 1800's sound for something that matches what you're seeing, check out Bluetooth speakers.

These rechargeable, often tiny speakers, pack a lot of punch for the dollar. Many decent sounding speakers start under $40 bucks, and can go up to several hundred dollars.

So why Bluetooth? You don't have to connect them with a physical wire, making it a breeze to take your sound wherever you go.

The batteries last anywhere from 8 to 20 hours depending on the model, see you don't have to worry about recharging almost all day long.

But the biggest reason you should have one, they are lightweight, compact, and if you use them for business presentations, can add a whole new dimension to what you're trying to pitch.