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Original Air Date: Dec 31, 2013

I forgot to log out!

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Facebook has become such a ubiquitous communication channel for our friends and family that we tend to use it everywhere.

If you’ve ever borrowed someone else’s computer to check your Facebook account and realized later that day that you forgot to log out, you’ve got to hope your friend doesn’t decide to play a prank on you.

Whether you forgot to log out from a friends computer or from a workstation at your office, there’s an easy way to cover your tracks!

Facebook allows you to see any active sessions for your profile from the Security section and end them if you are no longer there.

It will list out when it was accessed, what device it was accessed from and the location so you can quickly figure out which session was the one you forgot to log out of and kill it!

It’s actually a pretty handy way to monitor your account as well to make sure that someone hasn’t figured out your password and is using your account without your knowledge.

We highly recommend that you take a quick look at this screen on a regular basis just to play it safe!