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Original Air Date: Jan 3, 2014

Use your flash Outdoors

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Just about every mobile device you own has a camera in it and most of them include a flash of some sort.

Most people assume that flash is just for low lighting situations, when in fact, one of the best uses is just the opposite.

When you take someone’s picture outside, you typically end up with major shadows and harsh contrasts.

Forcing the flash can often fix both of these problems and turn what would be an awful picture into a minor masterpiece.

If you’re using your smartphone’s flash, make sure you get close enough to your subject to allow this weak light to have any effect in the daylight.

If it’s a really bright day, put your subjects in the shade so they aren’t squinting and let your flash fill the necessary light.

Understanding when not to use your flash indoors and when to use it outdoors will convert your pictures from the typical to the magical overnight.

Experimenting with your flash is the key to learning how to use it, so give this tip a try before your next big event!