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Original Air Date: Jan 8, 2014

Scrub before disposing

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If you were lucky enough to get a new tech gadget during the holiday season, you’re probably in a situation where you have to dispose of your old device.

Before you donate, sell or recycle that old gadget, take the time to protect yourself from the potential of identity theft.

Computers, tablets and smartphones are loaded with personal information and if they fall into the wrong hands, they have everything that a thief needs to assume your identity.

Smartphones and tablets all have a fairly simple process for resetting the device to the factory settings, so it’s just a matter of few taps in the Settings section to protect yourself.

Computers on the other hand, require you to spend a little more thought and time to properly wipe your personal data because retrieving data that’s been deleted is actually pretty easy.

You can install a secure deletion program, use a secure wipe program or remove the hard drive before the computer leaves your control if you aren’t sure what to do.

We’ve got the details and links to protect yourself posted on our site.