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Original Air Date: Jan 7, 2014

Apps Gone Free

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If you have a smartphone, downloading a useful or entertaining new app extends the love fest you may already have for your digital assistant.

If you’re like us, you generally look for a free app that will fill a need before you decide to spend your money.

You can spend your time searching for new free apps or us a free app called Apps Gone Free to keep you in the loop.

Every day, hundreds of iPhone apps offer their pay apps for free for a very short period of time to generate some downloads, but if you aren’t aware of them, you’ll miss the window of opportunity.

That’s where Apps Gone Free’s human editors can save you time and frustration because they actually hand pick each app and write a small summary of each to make sure it’s worth downloading.

Just take a peek at the 5-10 featured apps every day to see if any of them fill a need and if they do, you just saved yourself some money!

Apps Gone Free for the iPhone is the ultimate app for saving money on other apps.