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Original Air Date: Jan 10, 2014

Block Callers on iOS 7

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Back when Apple released iOS 7 for iPhone users, it included a lot of new features so it’s easy to have missed some of the more beneficial updates.

One very useful feature that still seems to be unknown for a lot of users is the ability to easily block callers so they can no longer bother you.

The next time you get a phone call from someone that you want to make sure can’t call you again, simple go to your call log and tap on the “i” next to the number.

When you scroll to the bottom of the information page, you will see an option to Block this Caller; tap it and your work is done!

Now if this person calls you, your phone won’t ring and it will go straight to voicemail; if they leave you a message, it goes to the blocked callers section of your voice messages.

It also works for text messaging and Facetime calls so once you’ve tagged them as a blocked caller, you’ll never be bothered with an alert from them ever again.

If you want to unblock a caller, go to the Settings menu, then click on Phone to see the list of blocked callers you can unblock.