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Original Air Date: Jan 27, 2014

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If you spend any time on the Internet, you probably open lots of tabs as you go and you’ve probably run into this situation:

You’re in the middle of reading a research paper on one website and suddenly a commercial video starts playing in the background on one of the other open pages but you have no idea which one it is.

You then have to click through all the open pages, scrolling around trying to figure out which one is causing the annoying disruption...what a hassle!

The engineers over at Google must have had enough of this problem themselves, because they recently made a tweak to their Chrome browser to combat this irritation.

Now whenever any website is creating any kind of sound, a small speaker icon will appear on the right side of the tab to let you quickly identify the culprit.

You can click on the tab to find the video to pause it or simply click the X on the tab to close it all together.

If you haven’t given Google’s Chrome browser a try yet, this is just another reason why its one of my favorites!