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Original Air Date: Jan 28, 2014

50GB of Free Storage for Life

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Free is one of the most powerful words on the Internet, especially when what you get for free is valuable.

In today’s electronic world of pictures, music, video and other files that take up lots of space, free storage space is pretty valuable.

Most of the online services offer @ 5GBs of free storage to get you started and then charge if you want more space.

One company is offering a lot more free space, if you download their iPhone or iPad app before February 15th. is offering 50GBs of free storage space for life to anyone that uses their new app, even if you already have a account.

Box is one of the many secure file sharing services that allows you to have access to your important files from any computer or mobile device or share large files with others.

Just download and use the Box app before February 15th and a big chunk of cyberspace is yours for life!

Unfortunately, if you’re an Android user, they made this offer last year so you missed out!