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Original Air Date: Feb 3, 2014

Password Management Tools

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Last week, I explained why it’s so dangerous to use the same password on multiple sites, but this always leads to the question of how the heck can I remember so many passwords?

The answer is you can’t, you need to use some form of password manager to create long, secure passwords for each of your online accounts.

Password managers are designed to create and manage all your passwords across all your devices and websites in a secure manner so all you have to remember is one password.

They all have password generators, auto form fillers, encrypted storage of your passwords, 2 factor authentication and integrate with your browsers and mobile devices.

Password managers can get a little complicated to initially setup for non-technical folks, but once its setup, they’re pretty simple to use.

One of my personal favorites is from LastPass which comes in both free and premium versions. Start with the free version and pay the $12 a year if you wan the premium features.

This issue is too important to ignore, so get help setting it up if you need it.