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Original Air Date: Feb 4, 2014

Connectivity Diagnostics

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We’ve all come to expect a certain level of performance when we use the Internet and when things don’t work the way we expect them to, frustration sets in.

Not knowing whether it’s your computer, the Internet connection itself or some other confusing technical term like a DNS server or a firewall blocking access makes solving the problem complicated.

This can be especially problematic on the road, when you need to get work done via a hotel or coffee shop wifi connection that’s just not working for you.

That’s where a free diagnostic tool for Google Chrome can be a big help. The connectivity diagnostic browser app is a quick and simple way to do what it suggests: diagnose all of the items that impact your connectivity.

Once you install the app, just on click it and an extensive test is run to check 9 different connectivity items and lets you know if any of them is causing your problem.

Even if you don’t understand what its telling you, the information can be very useful when you call someone for help!