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Original Air Date: Feb 14, 2014


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I’ve always been a music junkie and I’m constantly on the prowl for new technology that enhances or extends the experience.

We all have lots of different speaker systems throughout the house, but wouldn’t getting the same music to play on all of them at the same time be great?

An interesting gadget that’s getting some attention these days is from a company called Beep.

If you didn’t pre-wire your home for music everywhere or don’t have the budget for the Sonos system, take a look at Beep.

It’s a wireless device that plugs into speakers and let’s you synchronize your music everywhere in the house.

You can plug it into an old boombox, clock radio, powered computer speakers or any device that has a standard audio input and then control it from your smartphone.

It’s simple to setup and each Beep device has it’s own on/off and volume wheel, so you can control them individually or all at once.

Beep is a crowdsourcing project, so the device is still a prototype and is scheduled for a fall release, so you’ll have to be patient.