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Original Air Date: Feb 20, 2014

Finding Similar sites

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If you’ve ever done research on the web, you know that you shouldn’t assume the information you find on a single site is totally accurate.

Finding similar sites to verify or dispute the information you’re researching is one way of validating, but finding those related sites can get laborious.

That’s where a search engine called can speed things up.

It’s a search engine that focuses on finding sites that are similar, related or alternatives based on keywords, topics and categories.

Just put a website into the search engine and it will bring back a list of sites that are similar ranked by their popularity.

It’s truly a quick way to get a massive list of potential resources for just about anything you’re researching.

You can help the site improve its rankings by giving each suggestion a thumbs up or thumbs down based on how accurate you feel the results are.

It’s one of those resources that you’ll love when you need it, so bookmark it!