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Original Air Date: Feb 21, 2014


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Speaking a foreign language can be pretty intimidating, especially when you are self-conscious about how you are pronouncing words.

Hearing someone else say it properly can greatly improve your confidence, but calling a bilingual friend on the phone every time you want to hear a phrase isn’t very practical.

A site called is setup to be your multi-lingual virtual friend that can help you pronounce words in over 300 languages.

This crowdsourced site allows people from around the world record how they say things in their native tongue, so even if the word or phrase isn’t in their database, someone will record the proper pronunciation for you.

If you’re about to embark on a trip to a foreign country, you can download the audio for words and phrases you want to rehearse and listen to them whenever you want.

If you need to translate from English first, ask Google to translate it then go to to hear how it’s pronounced!

Now you can go forward with confidence when you order that next meal in a foreign cafe!