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Original Air Date: Feb 24, 2014


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There’s a component to surfing the Internet that’s known as a DNS server that plays a critical role in getting you to the sites you want to visit.

DNS stands for Domain Name System and it acts like a traffic cop giving your computer directions whenever you type in a web address.

Your DNS settings are generally determined by your Internet Service Provider, but there are some significant benefits to changing from your defaults.

You can increase reliability and Internet speeds and if you’re a parent, you can automatically block adult content or malicious websites for your children.

One of my favorite free services is OpenDNS because it’s fast, reliable, easy to setup and gives you total control over what you want to filter and what you want to allow through.

My recommendation is to change the DNS settings in your home router so that everything in your home has improved performance and protection.

For specific directions, check the support section of the router manufacturer’s website or get some help.