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Original Air Date: Feb 28, 2014

Fotor online editor and app

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If you’ve listed to our tech tips for a while, you know that we’re constantly searching for new apps and tools for digital photography.

Since we’re all snapping pictures with our smartphones on a regular basis, the results aren’t always the greatest, so having tools to enhance the images is key.

One of our latest favorites is called Fotor (that ‘s F O T O ) and it’s both a website and an app that’s loaded with features.

You get the usual list of editing features and collage, but one excellent option is creating HDR images.

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and it’s a way of combining multiple shots of the same image at varying exposures into one awesome image.

Now you can take those pictures that were too dark and combine them with those that were too bright to create a much better image.

Fotor also has a whole series of beauty retouching options like wrinkle reduction, blemish removal and teeth whitening and it’s available as an app for all of the major mobile platforms.

Fotor has so many features, it might be the only photo app you need!