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Original Air Date: Mar 4, 2014

Tidy app

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Take a quick look at the photos on your smartphone; it’s a big long string of unorganized images that you have to scroll through to find anything.

Some phones have some automatic organization built-in but even then it’s somewhat limited or confusing.

If you want to tidy up your smartphone pictures, check out an app called Tidy that gives you lots of ways to get them organized.

By default, Tidy will allow you to quickly group your images by when they were taken; by the hour, day week, month or year.

You can also group the images based on where they were taken or which app took the picture.

You can quickly start archiving images you don’t really care about anymore and build albums around categories or interests for pictures you do care about.

You can display the images in your albums in columns or a collage to make it even more interesting to look at.

As with any organizational app, the more time you spend working with it, the more organized you’ll become.

Tidy is available for both iPhone and Android users and it’s absolutely free.

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