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Original Air Date: Mar 5, 2014


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If you have young children, having a baby monitor of some sort is a pretty standard device.

If you’re looking for an alternative or want something that’s really convenient when you take the kids on a trip, checkout the Android app called Dormi. that’s D O R M I

Dormi is an app that turns any two Android phones or tablets into fully functional baby monitors that work from any distance.

Unlike a traditional baby monitor, Dormi works with wifi or cellular connections, so it can work in the next room or the next county.

You can even push a button to talk to your child if you need to provide a calming voice and Dormi keeps you posted on the battery level of the monitor phone.

The basic service is free and allows for up to 4 hours of monitoring a month or you can get unlimited use forever by buying the app for $7.

If you have an old Android phone sitting in a drawer somewhere, this could be the perfect way to bring it back to life.