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Original Air Date: Mar 25, 2014

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Social networks are a great way to monitor what’s going on in the world and seeing what people are sharing and who the key influencers are for a given subject can be helpful in business.

A new website called makes it very easy to see what the most shared links are when it comes to specific topics and who the key influencers are on those topics.

It’s also a great way to see what content you have created is getting the most interest and on which networks.

It breaks down the shares on 5 of the largest social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Google plus

It also allows you to filter the most popular links by content type such as articles, video, interviews and infographics and choose a date range.

It can be used in business for strategic research or it can be used on a personal level to see the most shared links for your favorite hobbies, travel destinations or celebrities.

Everything on the Internet is driven by keywords, so once you know which keywords are important to your business or personal pursuits, Buzzsumo makes it a snap to plug into the buzz.

Check it out at