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Original Air Date: Mar 26, 2014

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Smartphone cameras have become so good that they’re now our go-to cameras, but because they don’t fit in our hands the same as a point and shoot camera, we often end up with crooked pictures.

Taking a picture with one hand is generally what causes the problem, because getting the phone perfectly aligned and tapping the shutter button can be challenging.

While fixing images that are off kilter is possible after the fact, it’s generally more work than we’re willing to commit to, so our pictures end up crooked when we post them.

In some cases, it can look pretty artistic, but if you’re finding that too many of your iPhone pics are crooked, there’s an app for that!

The Orient app clicks perfectly straight pictures, no matter how you hold your iPhone because it compensates for any angle using the built in gyroscope.

With Orient, you don’t need to pay attention to how you hold your phone, just pick one of 9 aspect ratios and the app does the rest.

It can align horizontally or vertically and works with the front or back camera, so even your selfies will come out perfect.

The direct link to Orient is posted at