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Original Air Date: Mar 27, 2014


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If you or anyone you know is searching for an apartment or home to rent, you know how much work it can be.

Weeding through ads and figuring out where the potential rental property is actually located is really time consuming.

There are lots of places to research potential rental properties, but a website and mobile app called Lovely makes it a lot easier.

Lovely acts like a virtual rental agent by scouring popular websites for rental opportunities and maps them out on your computer or smartphone.

Since time is of the essence when new properties hit the market, Lovely shows you fresh listings in orange or allows you to setup alerts when new properties pop up in the area you want to live in.

If you’re a landlord, Lovely Pro offers several tools that allow you to List your rental, search an on-demand database of pre-credentialed renters, and run credit reports for every applicant all for free.

You can even setup an automatic rent collection from your tenant for a buck a month!

Lovely does all the hard work for both renters and landlords and it’s really easy to use!

I’ve posted the links to Lovely and Lovely Pro at