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Original Air Date: Apr 18, 2014


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One of the most common questions that I’ve gotten over the years, is where can I send my employees to get software training?

Us old timers immediately think about a class or a book to learn what we don’t know, but that’s just not the way to learn these days.

The web allows for a much more interactive and visual way to learn and one site that has a comprehensive online library of easy-to-follow tutorials is

They have nearly 2500 video courses that range from the most common programs like Word and Excel to 3D animation and virtually every web language or program being used today.

The tens of thousands of training videos are broken up over beginner, intermediate and advanced levels and even offer videos with close captioning. is a subscription service that starts at $25 per month for unlimited access to their training videos.

They also have mobile apps, so you can watch courses on laptops, tablets or smartphones and switch back and forth without losing your place.

If your business is looking for an inexpensive video training system is worth taking a look at!