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Original Air Date: May 2, 2014


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Augmented reality apps that superimpose information over your smartphone camera screen are all the rage.

One of my favorite uses for augmented reality is the real-time translation of foreign words, whether on a restaurant menu, a street sign or a sign in a museum.

When you travel abroad, knowing what key words mean can make all the difference in what you eat or whether you get lost or not.

One of my favorites for real-time translation is an app called CamDictionary because it’s so much faster than looking words up the old way.

Simply open the app, point the camera at a word and tap the screen to get it translated in one of 54 languages.
It basically turns your camera into a dictionary to translate any word you point at.

CamDictionary can’t translate entire sentences at once, so it’s far from a complete translation, but if you can understand one or two words, you feel more confident.

CamDictionary’s base app is free for both Android and iPhone users, so if you are planning a trip abroad anytime soon, make sure you have this app before you leave!

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