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Original Air Date: May 1, 2014

Is It Down Right Now?

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When you’re having trouble getting a website to load, sometimes the problem is your equipment and sometimes it’s the website that’s having the problem.

The next time you’re having an issue getting a website to load, before you spend any time troubleshooting your own equipment, take a second to make sure that the website you’re trying to access is working for others.

A website called can quickly give you some information to help you determine is it you or is it them.

Not only can they tell you if the website is down or up, they can tell you what the response time is and for major sites, a recent history of their availability.

If the site has been verified to be up, it gives you troubleshooting tips so you can try to figure out why everyone else can access the site, but you can’t.

If lots of other people are having issues with the same site, you’ll see their comments posted towards the bottom so you’ll know not to waste your time.

If a site is down, they try to provide a list of similar sites so you might be able to get the information you desire from an alternative site., bookmark it!